Charles Darwin & The Theory of Evolution by Richard Dawkins

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Written and presented by Richard Dawkins, “The Genius of Charles Darwin” is a three-part documentary that focuses on the theory of evolution and its various ramifications within human society. The first part, titled "Life, Darwin and Everything", examines the scientific mechanisms of natural selection. To add perspective, Dawkins also offers a brief history of evolutionary theory, including the methods by which Darwin originally developed his ideas.

In the second part, titled "The Fifth Ape", Dawkins explores the social implications of Darwin's theory of evolution. He discusses various ways in which Darwinism has been misinterpreted and misapplied, such as in eugenics and theories of social Darwinism. To exemplify this, Dawkins travels to Kenya, where he visits the country's largest Pentecostal church, Christ Is the Answer Ministries. There, he interviews Bishop Bonifes Adoyo, who led the religious movement against the National Museum of Kenya in an attempt to dismantle their exhibit of ancestral hominid bones. While it is obvious to Dawkins that this was an attempt by the church to censor scientific truth, Adoyo upholds his position that paleontology is a false science because it contradicts the word of the Bible.

In the final part, titled "God Strikes Back", Dawkins examines how religion has systematically opposed the theory of evolution since its inception. To do so, he interviews numerous anti-evolutionists, including John Mackay (a creationist researcher) and Wendy Wright (president of the Concerned Women for America). Dawkins presents his interview subjects with irrefutable DNA and fossil evidence in order to convey how they utterly dismiss scientific facts in order to allow themselves to cling to their irrational religious faith.

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