William Shatner on Heaven and Afterlife

"My belief system is that when this is over, it’s over. That you don’t look down from heaven and wait for your loved ones to join you... your molecules continue and in due time become something else." - William Shatner

Quote Source: Skepacabra

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That's energy, Bill. The

That's energy, Bill. The Bible teaches that when you die, that's it. You are worm food. You aren't conscious on any level, you don't go to some utopian fantasy especially designed just for you.

But, it teaches the possibility of being resurrected to live forever on paradise Earth, without sickness, disease, suffering or death. That sort of thing isn't easy for everyone to believe. But if you think about it, Bill . . . it really isn't that different than what you believe.

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Wow, Pathway Machine made a

Wow, Pathway Machine made a good point here I have thought it myself before in his response to Shatner's view I do happen to agree with myself.

I have not seen. Pathway on here in a while and would like to talk this out further with them. I have always thought it maybe possible that earth could be made more like heaven or hell and perhaps immortality could be achieved through science. In time we may find cures for sickness and end all disease sickness and death. but forever on earth is a really long time and frankly more time than earth has.

I would however be interested what passages Pathway has found in what Bible that has led them to believe this is what the bible teaches.

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And just what is it that you

And just what is it that you thought the bible tought on the matter?

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