Frank Sinatra on Religion

Frank Sinatra on Religion

You show me one step forward in the name of religion and I’ll show you a hundred retrogressions.

- Frank Sinatra

Quote Source: Playboy Magazine Interview

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I have often heard that Frank

I have often heard that Frank Sinatra was an atheist though I never knew to the degree which he held his belief I know my father liked Frank Sinatra but I never really got into his music. The quote above makes it pretty clear his stance on religion at least at the time he said it.

I think my parents were both Sinatra fans and were planning to see him in Vegas during the late nineties but for some reason or another the show was canceled. Perhaps this is a good thing because I think both my parents thought he was a great musician and while my father, an atheist and would have probably liked him better my mother a theist would have probably thought differently of him if she knew his views on religion as much as that makes any sense seeing as my mom was married to to an atheist. I wonder and maybe someone reading on here knows. Did Frank talk much about his atheist views when he was on stage in Vegas during his final years or did he only save such speak for interviews?

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