Richards Dawkins on the Trinity

Trinity Richard Dawkins

God is simultaneously himself his son (and a ghost). Makes sense.

- Richards Dawkins

Quote Source: Richard Dawkins on Twitter

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I guess it depends on what

I guess it depends on what religious beliefs you adhere to but yeah many so called Christians actually believe this and to many it completely ridiculous. Personally what I find the most ridiculous about this belief is that Jesus never said it was so.

Heck Jesus never even really claimed to really be the anointed one or Christ. One biblical writer even though 4 other wrote about the same event claimed Jesus when asked under duress if he was the messiah claimed he answered that he was while the other accounts claimed a different question was asked and different answers were given. Other than that in no other part of the bible Did Jesus say he was the anointed one, son of God or messiah. though often throughout the bible he would admit to being the one people called the Messiah, son of god or Christ.

Jesus actually referred to God as our father and himself as son of man. The church invented these claims along with the whole trinity thing to make Jesus more than he was in order to make him a higher figure of worship. Muslims have in my opinion a more accurate depiction of Jesus than Christians do as a prophet and that is if he really existed as the Bible puts forth in the first place.

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