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A Gospel To Put A Smile On The Faces Of Unbelievers

Published by Atheist Republic Publications

Published by Atheist Republic Publications

A Guidebook to Living a Compassionate Life

Published by Atheist Republic Publications

A Collection of Secular and Philosophical Poetry

Published by Atheist Republic Publications

Essays on Life, Death and Grieving from a Nonbeliever

The Director's Cut

Gospel Truth

A Personal Journey Toward a Life Without Religion

Conditional Aspects of Atheism

Essays on Various Aspects of the God Hypothesis

Simple Rhymes and Fun Illustrations

The Selected Works of a Blaspheming Atheist

Love, Murder and Blasphemy

10 Steps to Proper Atheisting

A philosophical argument against intelligent design

The Insanity of Blind Faith: Volume One: Christianity

Antitheism and the Case against Religion

Why Christian Beliefs Fail

50 Essays On Life, Love & Liberty Without Religion

Tale of an extra-dimensional wizard & his exploits w/ humanity

Simple Responses to 20 Common Arguments for the Existence of God

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