Stephen Fry: Those who Claim to have Access to Revealed Truth

Access to Revealed Truth

"There’s a distinction to be drawn between those who claim to have access to revealed truth and therefore claim to know what happens to us after we’re dead on the basis of a text, whether it’s a Koran or a Holy Bible, which is nonsensical. If they want to believe it then fine but they mustn’t push it down our throats and they mustn’t tell me who I’m allowed to go to bed with. It’s not acceptable. Anybody who wants to tell me what happens to me after I’m dead is either a liar or a fool because they don’t know."

- Stephen Fry

Quote Source: YouTube Clip

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I completely agree with this

I completely agree with this one. There is no way anyone could ever know what happens after we die. Unless we get some truly amazing proof that the supernatural is real, there really is no reason to believe anyone can know any of this.

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Well.. not to split imaginary

Well.. not to split imaginary hairs, but Christians believe that one man, Jesus Christ, has dies, come back, and told us how it goes. Why we think, just based on his word, that the same will happen to us, I don't know... in a scientists eyes, *1* is certainly not a large enough sample size to draw any type of conclusion.

Nevermind the fact that there's more than 2000 years of exaggeration and hearsay separating us from the only case study of such a phenomenon.

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Very well put! It's the

Very well put! It's the people that are pushing their religion and personal beliefs onto others that are the worst. In their minds, they are the chosen ones and they are doing what their religions wants them to do, but in the real world, they are the sinners and the ones who are disgracing God.

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Right! I have been saying

Right! I have been saying this in so many ways I firmly believe there is an effective way to say it but have yet to come up with the way that resonates with religious people. If you stumble across the way that will sink through the ignorance and thickheaded closed mindedness of these so called devote, please come back and share it with me. IN many cases with these folks, I am not trying to get them to change their religious belief but rather to understand the point of what their supposed God is.

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