Natalie Portman: Belief in the Afterlife

Belief in Afterlife

"I don't believe in the afterlife. I believe this is it, and I believe it's the best way to live."

- Natalie Portman

Quote Source: "The Private Life of Natalie Portman"

AnimalLeader's picture
It seemms like shes not just

It seemms like shes not just a good actress but also has a good brain to go with her beauty.

SammyShazaam's picture
I totally agree, I love

I totally agree, I love Natalie Portman! I've always thought that she was amazingly beautiful, but I really like how she is not afraid to pull off difficult roles that would flie in the face of the Hollywood status quo like in V for Vendetta.

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Finally, a woman quote. She

Finally, a woman quote. She hits on a concept I feel very strongly about - the lack of belief in the after life allows one to be much more involved and aware of their current state and surroundings. There is no life after death so it is our responsibility to do the best we can now.

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I believe that even in the

I believe that even in the case there may be an afterlife one could still say for now this is it, and live like this is all you got. You know, just in case there is not an afterlife, which I don't think there is. Good quote Natalie, I have heard it before from others but good quote nonetheless. I wish these quotes were dated.

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Imagine all of the time

Imagine all of the time wasted here in this life believing that something better was coming along after we are dead only to find out that there isn't really anything at all waiting for us.

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I take fun imagining all the

I take fun imagining all the possibilities that could be coming along after death I find it fascinating the many things people have come up with and i personally have a few theories and have spent a lot of my time on the possibilities, I think its fun I don't find having fun to be a waste. I think the most ironic thing about the comment is if there was nothing after death they would never know it. : ) If there is something after death, chances are low anybody's got it right.

missbonegirl's picture
I agree with Natalie, I

I agree with Natalie, I believe we are all just energy and we should have fun while we can! When you die, it's the machine you are in
that dies.Then your energy moves on...

Zaphod's picture
Are you saying you believe

Are you saying you believe your energy get recycled as well? Do you believe your energy is like a spirit? Do you believe in a conscious state after death that exist outside the body or with this energy?

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