Celebrity Atheist Quotes

Over time, more and more celebrities have started to identify themselves as atheists. Some may be vocal about their beliefs, some may not but the list of atheist celebrities only seems to be growing every day. From superstars like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to legendary figures like Morgan Freeman and Hugh Hefner even, many famous people have turned away from blind belief to logical reasoning because, like those at Atheist Republic, they value their freedom to ask questions and seek answers.

As we all know, atheism is among the most taboo subjects not only in the mainstream media but also at dinner tables conversations. Therefore, even though the number of atheist celebrities may be increasing rampantly, very few will willingly talk about their beliefs in public. The reason why most celebrities do not openly discuss their disbelief in deities is that they want to keep their public images untainted.

On this page, you will come across famous lines uttered by celebrities who believe that they are atheists. Our collection is extensive and you will find quotes that are funny, ironical, philosophical or satirical. Feel free to browse through them and share with us what your favourite celebrity atheist quote is!


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