Why Are We Here? What Is the Purpose of Life - Richard Dawkins

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In this documentary, Richard Dawkins investigates the purpose of humanity and the meaning of life from a scientific and evolutionary perspective. In an effort to remain objective, Dawkins explores a number of religious ideologies in their attempt to assign meaning to human existence. Dawkins shows that, while religion may have been appropriate for less advanced societies of the past, religious mythologies utterly fail in the context of modern civilization due to their contradiction with rationality and contemporary mores.

Dawkins goes on to entertain various religious assertions against evolutionary theory, namely the idea that evolution implies human beings are not unique or special, and thus life is a meaningless struggle for survival. Dawkins of course rejects this idea, arguing that it is the advancement of our species, as well as our keen ability to form abstract ideas, that inherently gives meaning to our lives in a way that transcends the mere survival value implied by strict evolutionary theory. For Dawkins, the awe-inspiring nature of scientific advancement proves that we are indeed a "special animal", even without the metaphysical implications that are championed by various religions.

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