One Hundred Above-board Questions about God

Questioning the ideas of God is a useful way to make people curious about the inconsistencies in religions. So, I have created these 100 above-board questions about God from the theological, philosophical, ethical, natural, scriptural, and evolutionarily standpoint. While it is very much obvious that no god will descend to the earth to answer all these questions, since there is no such thing as god, and no religious person will be able to provide any precise and unequivocal answer to these questions, I still am addressing these questions so that atheists and freethinkers can use these in a debate or conversation with the theists. So, I think that bookmarking this article could come in handy in the future.

The Questions:

  1. If there is a God, why is there no compelling evidence for his existence?
  2. Who is the creator of God?
  3. How did God use to exist without space and time or before the Big Bang event?
  4. How did God become full of magic and strength and supremacy without any complex phase of evolution of his own?
  5. What is the gender of God?
  6. If God has gender, what gave him gender?
  7. If God has no gender, what rendered him genderless?
  8. If God has no gender, why do his followers address him as a male?
  9. Why is God constantly testing humans if he knows everything already?
  10. How do incidents go out of God’s control if he is omnipotent and well aware of everything that has happened and will happen?
  11. Why are there so many flaws in God’s creation if he is omnipotent?
  12. How can God take 6 days to create the whole universe while he is omnipotent?
  13. Why does God feel so insecure over what puny humans do if he is omnipotent?
  14. Why does God become angry and jealous if he is only good?
  15. If God is everywhere, why cannot his presence be measured?
  16. How can God be everywhere if he is on the throne in the seventh heaven or at somewhere in the heavens?
  17. How can God know who is where and doing what if he is not everywhere?
  18. Does God stare at the people when they have sex if he is always watching?
  19. How will God exist forever if everything has an end?
  20. If God has no image, how are we supposed to imagine him?
  21. How can God be shapeless and in the same time sit on a throne or give reward with his own hands?
  22. If God is everywhere or on a throne in heaven, why do we have to worship a black box or a cross?
  23. Why are most of the God’s followers with low IQ level?
  24. Why does God want to kill the people who question him while he can question everything?
  25. Why does God have the similar characteristics like that of a tyrant?
  26. Why do we find, on regular basis, the less necessity of the God-of-the-gaps arguments and more and more necessity of the god-less theories to explain nature?
  27. If evolution theory is wrong, then why did God put the vestiges of evolution in human body and DNA?
  28. Why did God put a great many dinosaurs on the planet and yet did not mention them in any of the scriptures?
  29. Why, in the scriptures, was God obsessed with only the sun and the moon while he created billions and billions of other stars and satellites?
  30. Why does God only bother about humans in the earth while there are billions and billions of other planets which might be teeming with lives and other issues?
  31. If we are in a test of God and the earth is a test-place, then why is the test-place so disgusting and dangerous, e.g. - it is full of diseases, famine, disasters, wild animals, and germs? 
  32. Why do we have to survive through killing animals if God loves animals?
  33. How will God punish the other animals who commit crimes like murder, rape, theft etc.?
  34. Why did God create animals like pig, dog etc. if he hates them?
  35. Why did humans use to act like other animals before civilization if there is a God?
  36. Why did God start the human race out of incest and then make incest illegal?
  37. What will happen to the native Indians who never heard of the “loving” God?
  38. If the native Indians will go to heaven because they did not hear about God, then will not they just be given a pass without any test on the planet?
  39. Why did God create millions of species who are extinct today in the first place if he wanted to make them extinct?
  40. If evolution theory is wrong, then why has God kept so much evidence for that theory?
  41. Why do God’s scriptures have serious scientific and logical fallacies?
  42. Why do God’s scriptures need human explanation while he said that the scriptures are precise and easily understandable?
  43. Why did none of the God’s scriptures clearly say that the earth moves around the sun when it tried to explain the basic astronomy in detail?
  44. Why does God, in the scriptures, sound like nothing but a self-centered narcissist?
  45. Why did God keep his message written on the papers some of which are lost or eaten by goats while he could easily send the messages in a PDF format through a pen drive?
  46. If everything in the universe must need a prime mover and God is a part of the universe, then what does move him?
  47. If God created everything, why do we see virtual particles popping in and out without any creator?
  48. If everything needs a reason to exist, what is God’s reason to exist?
  49. If that some people talk to God is an evidence of his existence, then is some schizophrenic person talks to his pet dragon an evidence that the pet dragon exists?
  50. If we need God to be good, whom does God need to be good?
  51. Why do almost all of the scientists doubt the existence of God if science proves the existence of God?
  52. If good cannot exist without bad, then how can God be only good?
  53. Why does God intervene in the daily affairs of humans if he has given them the free will to test them?
  54. Why did God forbid Adam to eat the Apple while he had already known that Adam would have eaten?
  55. Why didn't God stop the serpent or devil instead of forbidding Adam to eat the Fruit of Knowledge?
  56. Will humans be able to live in the heaven peacefully forever with God, or something will become messy again like the Adam and Eve and serpent story?
  57. Why did God need a rib to create Eve?
  58. Didn't God know that the creation of Adam would make a lot and lot of people to suffer?
  59. If God tests humans by giving them free will, why doesn’t he do the same with the angels?
  60. Why did God choose particular people as his chosen people and did not test them?
  61. Why did not God make me his chosen one?
  62. Why will God’s chosen people be rewarded because only he chose them and not because they earned the position?
  63. Why does not prayer to God work at all?
  64. Why do the people of the 21st century lead a much more healthy and happy life than people before the 21st century if God cares for all the humans of all the ages?
  65. Why does God give some people more time than the others in his test, for example- someone dies at the age of 30 and another one dies at the age of 90?
  66. Why is God jealous and angry over the other "gods" if they do not exist?
  67. Why does God test humans by afflicting them through diseases and disasters while this is already a test of whether we praise him or Satan even though he is not visible?
  68. How does God blame humans for their actions while he predestined everything for them?
  69. How would God respond to the fact that many people commit crime because of their psychological and environmental predispositions and not according to their own will?
  70. Why does the first person in the planet have to wait for millions of years and the last person have to wait for only a few minutes for the judgment day of God?
  71. How are humans filled with flaws if they are the best creatures of God?
  72. If Satan is bad and God is his creator, doesn't it make him a bad creator or the creator of evil?
  73. Why did not God destroy Satan and save humans from committing sin?
  74. What is the fault of humans if they always commit evil things because Satan magically makes them to do so?
  75. If God is good and Satan is bad, then why do people kill in the name of God but not in the name of Satan? 
  76. What if God is actually Satan in disguise?
  77. What does God do when children die of starvation?
  78. How can God watch a person gets raped or murdered and not do anything?
  79. Why does God call humans his slave and make slavery sounds natural?
  80. Why did God think slavery is permissible?
  81. Why were humans able to abolish slavery while God could not?
  82. Why does God love revenge and hatred more than mercy and love?
  83. Why does God think that destroying an entire nation is a solution while he could just stop humans from committing any sort of wrongdoing in the first place?
  84. How did God feel like when he destroyed every single life on the earth by drowning?
  85. Why will God burn humans forever while he could burn them finitely?
  86. If humans think torturing others is bad no matter what, how does God, being an omniscient and benevolent, think it is right?
  87. Why does God take human life by killing them horribly? For example- through crushing under a vehicle?
  88. How will God be burning trillions of humans in hell forever?
  89. How can a pedophilic, sexist, and perverted warmonger be God’s most favorite person and friend?
  90. How can a loving God create humans as a fuel of hellfire?
  91. Why did God make humans fallible even though he knew that their fallibility would lead them astray?
  92. Why do animals suffer in the nature if suffering is only to test humans’ faith in God?
  93. Why do most of the people of God lead an unhappy and unhealthy life?
  94. Why does God not talk to women?
  95. Why does God not make women as his chosen one?
  96. Why did God make women the victim of men’s lust?
  97. Why do women have to endure unbearable pain while giving birth when God could just make the process of giving birth painless?
  98. How can a “loving” God lead humans astray or blind them by sealing their mind?
  99. Why did God promise to destroy the planet but did not promise to save the planet?
  100. The big one: We are on this planet for at least 200,000 years and we are suffering and suffering only with a little bit of momentary happiness. Why does not the dear God just say -- “that’s it! There are now trillions of people who would live in my hell according to my rules. I have had enough of it. I will not let any of my other creatures to get inside of the hell or to suffer. I will reveal myself and destroy Satan for good to save my loving creatures from sufferings and doubts”?

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