Sam Harris: One Need Only Study the Doctrine of Islam

Doctrine of Islam

"One need only study the doctrine of Islam—not merely as it existed in the 7th century, but as it exists today—and ask some very basic questions. What, for instance, is the penalty for apostasy? Interestingly, it isn’t spelled out in the Koran—there, apostates are merely promised their just deserts in hell—but it is made painfully clear in the hadith, and in the opinions of Muslim jurists and Muslim mobs everywhere. The year is 2013, and the penalty for apostasy, everywhere under Islam, is death. I have yet to meet an apologist for the religion, however evasive, who could lie about this fact with a straight face. Needless to say, I receive emails from former Muslims who are all too aware of what it means to be a former Muslim. Depending on where they live, these people run a real risk of being murdered, perhaps even by members of their own families, for having lost their faith."

- Sam Harris

Quote Source: Response to Controversy

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I have to say that when it

I have to say that when it comes to the JudeoChristian religions, the one I know the least about is Islam. I've looked over it, but I can't say I've read the Quran as many times as I've read the Bible.

Still, the idea of a religions that can not exist in the face of "non-believers" and *kill* them to assert it's dominance rubs me the wrong way for many reasons. Of course the obvious ones being a non-theist myself!

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Its unbelievable how some of

Its unbelievable how some of these people will even hurt their own families in the name of the Quran. How far can this ignorance go in these times. There is no good excuse for such terrible behaviour and extreme stupidity being displayed like this.

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Remember this when anybody

Remember this when anybody says atheist are not persecuted! This and that shirt the site sells that says something to the effect of, we are all atheist to most gods.

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That's an alarming thought!

That's an alarming thought! To be killed by anyone, much else your own family and friends, for realizing that you have a brain and want to use it.

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It's almost barbaric. And to

It's almost barbaric. And to think religions call themselves peace loving and spiritual.

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Exactly.. Islam, the religion

Exactly.. Islam, the religion of peace.. Believe it or DIE!

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I can relate.

I can relate.
For I, too, have received many death threats from my own family. Even now.

"Religion of Peace who never order a killing and shitty stuff like that."

What might be called irony,
is that all the Muslim terrorists are simply following what's on the Qur'an (yes, I've read Qur'an for countless time. Although no direct statement exists about the penalty of apostasy, it is clearly stated. . . . . . . for over 52% [even this number varies according to the Qur'an in many different regions. Weird, indeed] of the actual inside of Qur'an that disbelievers will suffer and die miserably), Hadits, and the so-called Jihad (and yes, I've conducted research about this Jihad. 3% of it is about inner struggling. 97% of it? War in the name of Islam. Even some strategies for those are stated).

And the next irony thing,
is that all of the Muslims in the world say that Muslim terrorists are not the "True" Muslim.
If the terrorists are merely doing what have been told in Qur'an, Hadits, and Jihad,
then the rest of the Muslim society who claim such statements ARE the one who are NOT the "True" Muslim.

After all, if they were truly the "True" Muslims,
then mass killing, war, and crimes in the name of Islam would be common things in this world.

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