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More often than not, atheism is misunderstood as a belief system even though all it really means is a lack of belief in gods, not necessarily a disbelief in gods. In fact, some dictionaries even go so far as to define atheism as sinfulness, wickedness and the like. That is why atheists urge individuals to find out more about the subject so that they can get rid of their preconceived notions, which usually stems from some theistic influence or the other, and be well-informed instead.

Once people start taking an interest in atheism, they will begin to discover how some of the most renowned and accomplished individuals in the world have identified themselves as atheists as well, in fact some have turned to atheism from having been devout Christians in the past. Educators like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, authors like Anton Chekhov and Simon Jenkins, entertainers like Woody Allen and Keira Knightly, politicians like Ernie Chambers and James Kennedy, philosophers like Ayn Rand and Karl Marx, scientists like Erwin Schrodinger and Richard Feynman are only a few from a long list of atheists who failed to instill blind faith in god and turned to science for reason and logic instead.

While learning about atheism, it is important to remember that every atheist is unique and as part of a community, they generally agree to disagree on most issues. Yet, the common thread that ties all atheists together is their lack of belief in gods or supernatural beings. On this page, we bring to you quotes from famous atheists who did not feel the need to keep their opinions to themselves and shared with the rest of us what we are glad to know today.

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