Francis Crick on Religion

Fables of the Religious

The simple fables of the religious of the world have come to seem like tales told to children.

- Francis Crick, co-discoverer of the structure of DNA

Quote Source: Essay 'Why am I am humanist' Varsity Magazine 1966.

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Hah, and many adults have

Hah, and many adults have still yet to grow up and learn the difference between the tales they were told as children and reality. I think the fact that these people can be found in abundance is sufficient enough evidence to conclude that the world has breed for humanity a race of people with a learning disability. How have not yet so many adults learned even if they do wish their beliefs were true because they conjure images in their minds they have carried into adulthood of wonderful creators and magical places called heaven and paradise, not learned by the time they are adults to tell the differences between these fairy tails they were told as kids and the reality that surround them and proves it self to be real everyday.

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