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If I get into trouble I stay

If I get into trouble I stay there, mainly because I have no idea what doing the right thing is, nor do I believe in there being a right thing. In fact the 'right thing' is usually another way of saying conformity. STAY WRONG MY FRIENDS, STAY IN TROUBLE.

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BTW love 'Bjork', not bjrk,

BTW love 'Bjork', not bjrk, ever since the sugar cubes

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OK, guess i gotta sort me out

OK, guess I gotta sort me out then! It's good to accept responsibility anyways and sort out your own messes!

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I really like Bjork (and

I really like Bjork (and loved the Sugar Cubes too) but I never knew she was on the Atheist team.

This quote really displays the self reliance and responsibility that I enjoy in being atheist. We have to take full responsibility of our actions, and any complications that arise from them.

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It's obvious that we need to

It's obvious that we need to do things on our own because the only way to save yourself is to work hard and rely on your skills. No god will come to your aid.

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I love the concept she is

I love the concept she is putting forth because not only does it make her look inwardly (instead of to a non-existent being) but it allows her be connected to this earth. I think one of the major downfalls of looking forward to the after life, at least according to the mainstream perspectives I know, is feeling that we have no connection to this earth and therefore do not have the responsibility to care for it.

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I think taking care of our

I think taking care of our earth should be our top priority - unfortunately people are so caught up in their day to day goings on they mostly delegate the responsibility to other generations making the term too little too late come to mind! Even the on vast majority of people trying to do anything about it are focused on making other people aware. Some people even go so far as to profit by getting donations from others who won't take the time to get their hands dirty and clean our home planet. I think religion could used as a great tool here to get people to take care of the planet. In what I consider the first commandments found in the book of Genesis God pretty much tells the faithful to watch over take care of and use the creatures, plants and herbs of Earth great and small anyways. It's too bad biblically based deity forgets to point out that the first step in doing so is to take care of all these things home.

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