Humans have rights, cultures and beliefs don't

Respecting Human Rights

Respecting Human rights is more important than respecting cultures... humans have rights, cultures and beliefs don't.

- Faisal Saeed AlMutar

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That is true but many have

That is true but many have convinced themselves that their cultures and beliefs should influence what is and is not to be considered a human right.

People, even though not everyone shares the same beliefs and cultures, when choosing what should be considered a human right often take into deep consideration the beliefs and cultures of whoever is setting the bar for what human rights are.

With all of this said, I think instead I would say it this way, peace producing basic human needs for survival and safety are more important than the individual survival of cultures and beliefs and human rights should be considered with aim for this above the protection of cultures and beliefs of any group of people or one person considering everyone has beliefs and cultures that are slightly different from everyone else's.

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