Christopher Hitchens: "Dissociate Faith From Virtue, Now And For Good"

Dissociate Faith From Virtue - Hitchens

If I could change just one thing, it would be to dissociate the idea of faith from virtue—now and for good—and to expose it for what it is: a servile weakness, a refuge in cowardice, and a willingness to follow, with credulitY, people who are in the highest degree unscrupulous.

- Christopher Hitchens

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Perhaps Hitchens was

Perhaps Hitchens was successful at this , I see not correlation between virtue as I define it and faith, I see not virtue in flowing others as I define it behavior showing high moral standards. Only the christian churches define it virtue as some highest order of hierarchy. Most people if asked probably would not know the christian definition.

If someone is said to be virtuous, they are said as having high moral standards, this is an expression of ones character. If they do something that is done because someone told them to who happened to have high moral standards, this says more about the caricature of person who commanded them than that of their own caricature. As Hitchens points out this servitude often brought about by cowardice combined with gullibility all of which are not related to high moral standards. It is sickening that someone does the "right " thing because they are told to and than takes credit for it and claim are made by themselves or others that this person is virtuous.

If you want to be virtuous of have virtue, you should things because you know in your heart and because your nature compels you to to these things you know are right to do and not because you are told to or because there may consequence real or not real for not doing these things.

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