The Pope traditionally prays for peace every Easter

Pope Prays for Peace Every Easter

The Pope traditionally prays for peace every Easter and the fact that it has never had any effect whatsoever in preventing or ending a war never deters him. What goes through the Pope's mind about being rejected all the time? Does God have it in for him?

- Andy Rooney

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My uncle once said to me,"

My uncle once said to me," "If "God" is responsible for all the good, then he must get the blame for the bad, too." More than 3/4 of the world pray to some type of "God" yet look all the atrocities that have happened over thousands of years, and what is happening the paper, look at the news. There is one thing that is for sure about dosen't work. This would be a much more peaceful world without religion. Innocent people have been slaughtered in the name of religion for thousands of years, and all over things that simple science, and common sense tell you could have never taken place...How crazy is that?!!

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Speaking of Easter, anyone

Speaking of Easter, anyone ever wonder why the date of this "historic, blessed" event changes every year...sometimes differing by several weeks? There is a date for Christmas, which is another hoax. There is no biblical writing that can pinpoint an exact day, or time of year that this was supposed to have happened. There is also no biblical scripture that tells us to even celebrate Christmas, or that there even was any kind of celebration. But you NEVER hear religious people speak of this... they would rather be content beleiving in a fantasy that has absolutely not one shred of scientific, or physical; evidence.

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