The most common misconception about morality

Misconception about Morality

The most common misconception about morality: that it's a human invention. 

- Paul Bloom

Quote Source: The Roots of Good and Evil

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Ugh, I know ! it absolutely

Ugh, I know ! it absolutely crazy how some people expect that without religion we would be a bunch of immoral people going around the planet doing who knows what with reckless abandon. It's insane that they think the world would fall apart without religion and that all our morals come from religion. Its psychopathic that they think without religion to guide us we would have no empathy and no moral determination of what is right or wrong. This I why when I encounter people who believe this I think to myself so I am talking to a potential serial rapist or murder who without their religion would be one of those monsters who we should all deeply fear walks among us.

It would be fun to make a note of who they are and try to find another one close by and invite them out to coffee so we can talk about religion, point out differences in their respective beliefs and then just let it go form there you know to see how far two psychopaths are willing to go to defend or fight about about their religious beliefs when faced face to face with anther person just like them with a differing opinion of what there god is and what is important to their god. but I bet one would just tire of the argument and go home. One thing is for sure neither would like the other treating them like they were crazy for what they believed.

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