Love notes from Muslim visitors

Love Notes from Muslim Visitors

These are actual comments in response to a Muhammad cartoon, posted on the Atheist Republic Facebook page.

Dear Muslim visitors if any posts you see on our page offends you, we offer this step-by-step guide:

  1. Avoid visiting Atheist Republic
  2. Refer to step 1

Also, please note, Your hateful comments will be kept to serve as an exhibit of what Your religion stands for. 

Quote Source: Atheist Republic on Facebook

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Wow, I wish I knew what these

Wow, I wish I knew what these comments were in response to. With some of the statements coming form these people you would think they own the web. Sorry to break it to them but they don't and if their religion cause so much anger for them perhaps they should consider other beliefs. cause clearly their god is not taking good care of their mental state. where do they get off with this cyber bullying why don't they leave our mothers and sisters out of this. I am by hte way pretty sure that some of the things they have threatened would almost guarantee an eternal bar from what ever paradise they believe might be coming after they have fished demonstrating what good examples of Muslims they can be with their time here on earth. I mean what better way to turn people away form you religion than to make comments like these. what better way to make Muslim life on this planet harder than to contribute such a thoughts to the image to the world holds of Islam.

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Too small,

Too small,
can't read the comments.

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