People coming out as atheist help destigmatize atheism.

Having People Come Out

One of the things the gay community benefited from is having people come out. And the atheist community has benefited from that as well. Because it is really hard to vilify an entire group of people if you know people in that group and you like them.

- Matt Dillahunty

Quote Source: YouTube Clip

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It's posts like this that

It's posts like this that make me feel guilty about being a closet atheist. I fully intend to come out as soon as I don't think I will get sent to one of those reeducation centers. I know this is not meant to guilt people into coming out but I figured I might as well throw in my 2 cents.

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ive always been a open

ive always been a open Atheist...hell it got me outta church when i was a kid

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