Dan Barker: Faith is a Cop-Out

Faith is a Cop Out

Faith is a cop-out. It is intellectual bankruptcy. If the only way You can accept an assertion is by faith, then You are conceding that it can't be taken on its own merits.

- Dan Barker

Quote Source: Losing Faith in Faith

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I pretty much equate faith to

I pretty much equate faith to lazziness, mental is the type. To have faith is to put your freewill in the hands of others and your beliefs in the baseless faiths of old.

We know better now, things can be explained and there is no need to leave our intuition supported by baseless claims. Its okay to say when we don't know something, its okay to to leave a question unanswered or open to be answered later. There is no need to to come up with or make believe there are answers where there are none. To do so propagates idiocracy.

In this day and age with all that we know, to continue to, as humanity, continue with baseless faith, would like making the conscious decision to kill ourselves off in the stupidest way imaginable.

There are real issues with real solutions that religious doctrines advise us for baseless reasons to do the exact opposite of what we should to survive on this planet and this makes religion truly dangerous. More dangerous is the faithful would rather die staying true to their religious beliefs even if it kills the rest of us because they believe for baseless reasons they will not be able to spend eternity with or next to their baseless gods. Enough is enough, religion has to go the future of humanity depends on it. We can't let intellectual bankruptcy lead to our own demise.

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