Seth Macfarlane: We Suspend our Powers of Logic

Seth Macfarlane: We Suspend our Powers of Logic

“We're surrounded by people who don’t make that distinction. If you say to them ‘there’s a monster living in my closet, you can’t see him, but you gotta have faith that he’s there’ people would say ‘well that’s ridiculous, you’re out of your mind, you should be locked up’ but the same thing does not apply to a guy living on a cloud... We suspend our powers of logic.” ― Seth Macfarlane

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To me logic is a tool for

To me logic is a tool for providing a series of possibilities no matter how popular or unpopular, quixotic or mundane. It isn't infallible and it is subject to conjecture and abuse, and also limited by our position in space and in the stream of time. It may seem ridiculous that there is a monster under our bed but take a magnifying glass down there. It may seem illogical that there is a man living in the sky in a form different than our own and a great deal more highly advanced than ourselves, but put up the satellites and telescopes, because when you limit your logical capacity by what you think you already know you do your self a great disservice.

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It's just like the evil

It's just like the evil monkey in chris's closet, none of his family actually believe he's there the only difference between the evil monkey and god is that the evil monkey actually exists.

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