Everyone is Born an Atheist

Everyone is Born an Atheist

"Everyone starts out being an atheist. No one is born with belief in anything. Infants are atheists until they are indoctrinated."

- Andy Rooney

Quote Source: Marian Christy, “Conversations: We make our own destiny”, Boston Globe, 30 May 1982

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Believing in "God" is like

Believing in "God" is like believing in Santa Clauss and the Easter Bunny. These are things we are brainwashed to beleve from when we are little kids. But because "god" is about religion, we are supposed to accept it forever as fact. It always amazed me that people will believe something that has not one shred of scientific evidence, yet scientists have been piling up evidence for decades, and are clearly begining to figure things out. But the religious faction dosen't want to pay attention to that, because they are content to believe in a fantasy in order to live in a world that they wish was so to make themselves feel more comfortable. Why do people want to put their faith and trust in an institution that has proven over many decades their main objective is protecting pedophiles, and extracting money from people at every opportunity. The biggest business in the world is the Catholic Church...so many controversies, money laundering, profiting from Nazi atrocities, allowing big wigs to keep millions of dollars in the Vatican Bank tax free for political favors. If this was anything other than church and religion, the institutions would have been dismantled, burned, and buried a long time ago. But it is "religion" so it is tolerated. As long as their are parts of this world where there are starving, diseased, abused, and homeless children, there can be no god that would ever allow that. If god is capable of all these miracles, the very LEAST he should be able to do is protect the children. Ask the patrents of those poor children in Newtown, or those little girls that were tied up and murdered in Lancaster. Makes me angry that we have such gullible people.

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