You do not have a right to not be offended.

Free Speech - Richard Dalin

"You do not have a right, God-given or otherwise, to not be offended. I see lots of things which offend me, but free speech is free speech. Get over it."

- Richard Dalin

Quote Source: Atheist Republic Newsletter

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Exactly! If you don't like

Exactly! If you don't like the stuff we atheists say online, then why the fuck are you constantly looking for "blasphemy" and then either a) proclaim to hate atheists and then demand unbounded deference from atheists and/or demand that we get out of their America the Christian Nation™ (as Christian apologists do, because they just can't stand other opinions being voiced with even 0.00000001% of the volume that theirs are) or b) try to get it censored out of existence and/or worse, try to bully the author(s) into self-censorship with threats of violence, rape, and even death (as Muslim apologists do, because they're insecure bullies but hey, saying that in 2019 is Islamophobic™, right?)

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