Gene Roddenberry on Questioning God

Questioning God

"We must question the story logic of having an all-knowing all-powerful God, who creates faulty Humans, and then blames them for his own mistakes."

- Gene Roddenberry

Quote Source: Can a Smart Person Believe in God? by Michael Guillen

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Right!!! According to many

Right!!! According to many religions, it's as if there a is big immature all powerful being that can't accept responsibility for it's own actions even though it knew about everything that would happen before it did what it did and now it wants us to accept the responsibility our selves.

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God as a child? That's an

God as a child? That's an interesting concept and I can see a lot of that while watching my own children play.

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Well, if we are created in

Well, if we are created in his own image, then I can certainly believe that whatever God would do this is just as immature and irresponsible as half the people running around in this place.

As an atheist, I take responsibility for myself, and I'm proud of that fact even when I can't be proud of all the things that I've done.

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I guess he would be close to

I guess he would be close to average in terms of immaturity and irresponsibility considering if he were to have created us all in his image and that would mean half the people running around this place. I guess he would in all senses be average but that would include intelligence ect. ect. he would know all the useful and useless information and all the ways to feel about it.

I am too proud of the fact that as an atheist I take responsibility for myself even when I cant be proud of the things I've done. I feel however that a good christian or otherwise should also do the same.

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True Zaphod, it's as if we

True Zaphod, it's as if we are God's little game and he pleasures himself in our plunders. Yet people flock to church like there's no tomorrow in my community.

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I think if we are God's

I think if we are God's little game and he is still around, we are in the back of the toy box somewhere and it's likely he has long forgotten where he placed us.

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Just watch some of the

Just watch some of the reality-based television shows and the human blunders they feature every week and this quote will make so much more sense to all of us, not just the "un-believers".

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I will sincerely try my best

I will sincerely try my best not to do that. Even if reality based TV is not really real it still pains me to watch it though I do like the show Siberia so far. But is not reality TV at all.

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