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Thank you for reading books from one of Atheist Republic's Authors! We would very much love to hear your thoughts and feedback about the book you've read. Also, if you are interested in receiving one of Armin Navabi's upcoming books for free, send us an honest book review by following the steps below:

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Thank you for reading a book by one of our authors! If you are interested in receiving one of Armin Navabi's books for free, send us an honest review by following the steps below:

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  1. Why There Is No God by Armin Navabi
  2. The Bible in a Nutshell by Casper Rigsby
  3. Your God is Too Small by Atheist Republic
  4. Holy Sh!t: The Insanity of Blind Faith by Casper Rigsby
  5. The Engineer's Argument: A Philosophical Argument Against Intelligent Design by Casper Rigsby
  6. Atheisting 101: 10 Steps to Proper Atheisting by Casper Rigsby
  7. Reason over Faith by JD Brucker
  8. God Needs To Go by JD Brucker
  9. The Old Testament: Love, Murder and Blasphemy by Klaus Koenig
  10. Blasphemy: The Selected Works of a Blaspheming Atheist by Michael A. Sherlock
  11. I'm a Freethinker: Simple Rhymes and Fun Illustrations by Courtney Lynn
  12. Where's Your God Now: Essays on Various Aspects of the God Hypothesis by Casper Rigsby
  13. The Passion of the Atheist: Conditional Aspects of Atheism by Casper Rigsby
  14. Human: A Personal Journey Toward a Life Without Religion by Todd KS
  15. Gospel Truth by Birdwell Brown
  16. The Bible in a Nutshell: The Director's Cut by Casper Rigsby
  17. Facing Oblivion: Essays on Life, Death and Grieving from a Nonbeliever by JD Brucker

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