A Kind Person Does not Need the Promise of Heaven

Merit in Good Deeds

A kind person does not need the promise of heaven to see the merit in good deeds.

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Of course this is true, nor

Of course this is true, nor do we need the promise of heaven to have morals, many theist think of us as people with no morals or people with inferior morals, to these theist I ask if your found out your god and heaven were not real would no longer be kind, would you no longer have morals?

People who are only motivated by temptation and only work for temptation sound more like minions of the devil rather than the gods many theist believe they pray to. The type of person who has no morals or compassion without God, promise or threat is a psychopath. For a long time I was convinced this was the best reason for there to be religion but recently my mind has changed on the subject matter as I have come to realize two things, First the bad religions have brought into this world and second I have come to the realization of what a pshycopath surrounded by gullible religious people could be capable of if he found out the whole thing was a charade at that time.

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