“Miracles” in the scriptures don’t verify the scriptures

Many religious people claim that there are miracles, scientific or prophetic, in the scriptures and those miracles prove that their scriptures are true. They say that, despite their understanding that the same books have serious logical and scientific errors.  Actually, there is no miracle in any of the religious scriptures. No sign of anything but stupidity and barbarity. Yet, let’s assume here today that there are miracles in the “holy” scriptures and try to understand if they are enough to become a believer.

The first question comes to our mind is what a miracle is. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a miracle is “something extraordinary or surprising.” That means we are assuming that there is something extraordinary or surprising in the scriptures; say, one of the Bible’s prophecies has come true in today’s time or the Quran precisely mentioned that the earth spins around the sun. Now, according to the theists we have to put our complete trust in the scriptures and follow whatever the scriptures say no matter how incongruous that sounds because we have found miracles in the scriptures! But no! Just because there are miracles or matters that are extraordinary to us, for now maybe, in the scriptures, that does not mean that those are from an omnipotent and omniscient god. There are three very good explanations for this:

1.Those miracles could just be the works of humans

We are very much aware of the fact that 2000 or 3000 years ago people were not uneducated and crude like the cavemen. People have been wondering about the universe and nature for thousands of years. For example, around the 3rd century BCE, Euclid wrote the epic book on geometry The Elements, Aristarchus of Samos created the first heliocentric model,  Hippocrates discovered that there are scientific reasons for ailment, Democritus realized that the Milky Way galaxy has got millions of stars, Aristotle realized that the earth must be a globe; around the 2nd century BCE,  Seleucus of Seleuci realized that the tide is caused by the moon; around the 1st century, Zhang Heng pointed out that the moon does not emit its own light but the reflected light of the sun, Indian physicist and astronomer Aryabhatta pointed out that the earth spins around the sun, calculated the exact distance between the earth and the moon and the value of pi. So, why would we think that the miracles in the scriptures have to be from a god? They could easily be from the writers of the scriptures who probably were smarter than the others they were surrounded by. They probably tried their best by researching and seeking knowledge to put something smart on the scriptures to make them look divine, or they probably hired other scientists to do that and later silenced them and destroyed their other works. There is a very good possibility of that because smart people used to exist in that period.

2.  Those miracles could just be the works of the intelligent extraterrestrials

There are about 1024 (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) planets in the observable universe! Therefore, the chance of another planet with a far more advanced civilization than ours is extremely high. So it would be safer to believe that the miracles in the scriptures could be the works of extraterrestrials than of a god. Although we have never been in contact with intelligent extraterrestrials, we could still guess the extraordinary phenomena on our planet are their works because their existence in the universe is almost certain according to the theory of probability. But, why would the aliens want to create religions and put some miracles in the scriptures? Because may be they want to halt our progression so that we never discover them and compete with them and they found that religions play a very good role in stopping humans from being smart. So possibly by putting miracles in the religions they have just fooled our gullible minds. Or maybe we all are just a part of their simulation projects. I am not kidding here. I am just talking about a possibility that makes more sense than the possibility of a god.

3.  It is safer to believe in those previous theories than believing in the god theory

So, why would I believe in a god just because there are few surprising matters in the scriptures while there are two other better explanations for them? In fact, the first one is far more likely than the latter one. However, believing that those miracles are from a god and a true religion is harmful because, as mentioned above, religions enslave our brain and halt our progression. It persecutes thinking and rational people. Something inherently harmful should not be the part of any speculation about any natural and philosophical phenomena.  Also, if god was omniscient and omnipotent, so capable of performing any miracle, then we would not have suffering and violence among us. Therefore, he is not omniscient and omnipotent and we cannot expect any miracle from that god. Moreover, we have no evidence of the existence of a god but we have the evidence of the ancient humans’ endeavor and the existence of trillions of planets.

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