Religions are the training wheels of self enlightenment.

Religion as Training Wheels - Reggie Watts

"Religions are the training wheels of self enlightenment. They can be helpful in the beginning but at some point they must be let go."

- Reggie Watts

Quote Source: Reggie Watts on Twitter

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by beginning, it means the

by beginning, it means the beginning of society -- when mankind was curious but science hasn't advanced. Now, religion is obsolete and should be discarded's picture
Religious beliefs are a type

Religious beliefs are a type of psychological introject and are part of the Superego. They are not intrinsic or genetically determined but are like code in software. Subject to change, manipulation and destruction. The consolation offered by religion is an illusion that according to Freud is used for social and political control. He predicted in his 1928 book "The Future of An Illusion" that as people became more aware and educated, theistic religion would be abandoned.

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