Women's Rights In Islam

Secularism is my Right

Secularism is my right; freedom is my culture. Nothing stands in the way of women's liberation more than Islamism.

- Maryam Namazie

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I am a feminist, but honestly

I am a feminist, but honestly I got to say mixing up religion with the enemy of women's liberation is not the way to go. Does religion oppress women? No doubt about it. but oppression is the enemy not religion.

I think when it comes to women's liberation people need to draw from battle cries for inspiration ie. "There's nothing to fear but fear itself" Oppression in all forms should be treated equally. It's sickening that in today's world anyone is treated as a lesser being.

Religion has a long history of oppressing women and religion should stop doing that but to get the oppression to stop people must keep in mind its the oppressors who are the enemy and not target specific religious groups in general.

Your better off conveying the truth that the notion this religion puts forward in regard to women is insane and archaic and then focus on oppression everywhere without discrimination. It needs to be shown that, oppression in general will not be tolerated and religions that can't conform to this will ultimately disappear like the many religions along with their gods that have disappeared in the past when they could not keep up with the times. To make make a religious group an enemy creates a situation of solidarity much like is needed to overcome any oppression if two forms solidarity are set against each other the larger group usually wins but the battle goes on for ages. We don't have time for that crap. We need to stop oppression and have needed to for like 100s of years.

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