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Cardinal Daniel DiNardo has been accused of dismissing a case where his deputy allegedly sexually abused a woman.

While religious unaffiliation in United States is growing, members of the U.S. Congress are still almost one hundred percent religiously affiliated.

Illinois lawmakers have filed a bill condemning the hate speech of Illinois Family Action, a Christian group that compared abortion to the Holocaust.

A Christian woman who was fired from her job for skipping Sunday shifts for religious reasons was awarded $21 million by a jury.

Kentucky high school student, who is avoiding vaccines, has filed a suit against Health Department after state officials banned him from school.

Damares Alves, Brazil’s “Minister of Human Rights, Family and Women,” thinks gender equality will lead to an increase of violence against women.

Church leaders believe the tax bill passed in 2017 inadvertently instituted a tax on houses of worship and now they want to change that.

After the report about sexual misconduct across the Southern Baptist denomination was revealed, many churches have been linked with sex-abuse cases.

A poll conducted through the AHA and the Centre for Freethought Equality showed improvement in the perception of the non-religious candidates.

An atheist family won in a recent discrimination case against Bowen islan Montessori School in  British Columbia, Canada.