Lawmakers File Resolution Condemning Hate Speech

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Illinois Family Action is the political arm of the anti-LGBTQ non-profit Illinois Family Institute which treats being transgender as a mental disorder and supports gay conversion torture. Among other statements and activities of this group, their recent statements were comparing abortion to the Holocaust. A group of Illinois Democratic legislators decided to file a resolution condemning the hate speech of the group.

The Illinois Family Institute's website is full with articles referring to the holocaust of the unborn and how the abortion procedure is a holocaust as real and evil as the one perpetrated by the Nazi regime. They continue with calling lawmakers who are backing up abortion "baby killers in silk suits" stating that they want this abortion holocaust to continue. This was a trigger for Democratic legislators to file a resolution that is probably going to pass in the Democratically controlled legislature.

The resolution is based on the fact that there can't be any comparison between a genocide that took the lives of millions of children and adults, and a medical procedure that does nothing like that. Furthermore, by comparing abortion to the Holocaust they are belittling the Holocaust and downplaying the actual terror it produced. According to Patheos, the resolution notes the rise in anti-Semitism and says: "…Illinois Family Action distributed multiple anti-Semitic, homophobic, threatening, and hateful posts on their official social media page, callously belittling the most appalling tragedies of the Holocaust and recklessly comparing those who disagree with their extreme agenda to Nazis…A group truly driven by faith would realize the pain their rhetoric causes for members of the Jewish community, for whom the horrors of Nazi Germany are all too real…we stand in solidarity against hateful, racist, anti-Semitic, and homophobic rhetoric of all kinds and call for decent, respectful debate, especially when we disagree…"

Illinois Family Institute has already reacted by calling a resolution condemning hate itself. They posted an article on their website trying to explain that comparing abortion to the Holocaust is a legitimate way to present and amplify the horrors of both of them. They are apparently forgetting that abortion could be used to help women who were, for example, raped and involuntary pregnant. Abortion is an approved medical procedure performed by medical professionals and the Holocaust was a genocide performed by Nazi regime with terrible outcome. There is nothing similar in those two and it is terrible that in the 21st century history was not useful enough to explain this to some people.

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