The American P*rn Star that Loves Iran's Mullahs

An American porn star has made a lot of noise on social media after her recent trip to Iran, where she posted photos of herself covered from head-to-toe while visiting numerous landmarks in the country’s capital Tehran, including the former US Embassy.

The Netflix Movie That Enraged Hindu Nationalists... Over Food

Netflix is facing another backlash from right-wing Hindu nationalists in India over a film for its depiction of a deity and member of a traditionally vegetarian caste cooking and eating meat.

The Islamic Republic Hates Joy: Iranians Fight Back with Dancing

As the Islamic Republic continues its harsh crackdown on dissidents and protesters after Mahsa Amini died under the custody of the Iranian morality police in September 2022, many Iranians are relentless in finding ways to continue their fight against the regime. They discovered a new way to fight against the country’s theocratic government: singing and dancing.

New Low: The Woman Jailed for Merely Condemning a Blasphemy Lynching

When she heard about the news of Deborah Yakubu, a Christian university student in Nigeria, being lynched by a mob of Muslim students over alleged blasphemy, Rhoda Ya’u Jatau shared a message among her co-workers that criticized the lynching via WhatsApp.

The Super Creepy AI TikTok Jesus Promising Blessings for Likes

A TikTok account is going viral for its Christian-themed videos, many showing AI-generated photos of Jesus Christ speaking in AI-generated voices, telling viewers to stop scrolling and watch a minute’s worth of content.

LGBT Rights Under Siege: How Jordan's New Law Damages Digital Freedom!

The King of Jordan approved a new cybercrime law on August 12th after being passed in the Jordanian Parliament. Critics and human rights activists fear that this new cybercrime law is more draconian than the previous one and that it will jeopardize rights both online and offline and could be used to target marginalized groups, particularly the members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Is AI Killing Religious Faith? The Surprising Link Exposed!

Religion has continuously declined worldwide in the 21st century, including in the United States. There are different ideas as to the factors that contribute to this decline. However, a recent paper suggests that automation in the form of artificial intelligence and robotics is a primary driver in the current downward trend of global religiosity.

The Explosive Rise of Ex-Muslims in India!

The number of ex-Muslims worldwide is growing continuously, and India, where Muslims comprise a significant minority, is no exception. With the help of the Internet, ex-Muslims in India and elsewhere are finding ways to share their thoughts and connect while retaining their anonymity.

UK Imam's Shocking Lecture on Stoning Women To Death Sparks Outrage!

An imam in the United Kingdom stirred anger after a video of him lecturing how to stone women to death went viral on social media, with his mosque facing an investigation from authorities after public funding was stopped after the video emerged on the Internet.

German Catholic Employees Caught Red-handed Trying to Access Adult Sites!

An archbishop in one of the most important Catholic dioceses in Germany couldn’t help but express his disappointment on August 18th after he discovered that the employees of his diocese used their work computers to try to access pornographic websites.