Chinese Troll Army Unleashes Tsunami of Insults & Blasphemy Against Islam

According to a report written by Theodoros Benakis, China's genocidal policy against Uyghurs, an ethnic Turkish group that resides in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR), hit a new low. The Wumao army (also known as the "50 cent army"), known to be the trolls of the Chinese government, has hurt the religious sentiments of Uyghur Muslims on social media several times.

Pope Francis Warns Priests & Nuns About Dangers of Pornography

On October 26, Pope Francis talked about the dangers of digital pornography during a convention with seminarians in the Vatican. The Pope said that just like everyone else, nuns and priests watch pornographic content online.

Muslim Mob Attempts To Kill Christian for Merely Sharing "Blasphemous" Text

A Christian woman is on trial for blasphemy after forwarding a WhatsApp message. Her actions sparked Muslim riots in northeast Nigeria.

Rhoda Ya'u Jatau, a 45 years old Christian health worker, was arrested on May 20 in Bauchi state. Her crime was receiving and forwarding a WhatsApp message from Ghana denouncing the horrible murder of a university student from the Sokoto state, Deborah Emmanuel Yakubu, who was also wrongly accused of blasphemy.

Doctor’s Claim that 92% of Saudi Women Watch Porn Sparks Outrage

Saudi citizens have taken to social media in anger after a prominent doctor said in a televised interview that ninety-two percent of Saudi women had watched online pornography.

The Saudi Society for Infectious Diseases Director, Dr. Nizar Bahberi, gained a mass following during the Covid-19 pandemic. He has over 230,000 followers. In an interview on the Rotana Gulf channel, Dr. Bahberi was lamenting over access to pornography, which he claims is freely aired on satellite television.

Arab Gulf Nations Demand Netflix to Remove 'Immoral' LGBT Content

The Gulf countries are known for censoring many movies and TV shows in the past. Their new decision may not come as a shock to many. The Arab countries have now demanded the immensely popular streaming site Netflix remove "offensive content," citing material that "violates Islamic and societal values and principles."

Islamic Leader Banned by UK Dept of Education for Homophobia & Misogyny

The decision of the United Kingdom's Department of Education to prohibit a Salafi activist from spreading his hateful teachings was welcomed by the National Secular Society (NSS). This ruling notes that several harmful sermons were published. This decision prevents the former faith school proprietor from managing private or state school teachings.