Brazilian Bishop Resigns Over Leaked Graphic Video

On August 18, 2021, Bishop Tomé Ferreira da Silva, 60, of the Catholic diocese of São José do Rio Preto, resigned. The resignation happened days after a video leaked where he is seen playing with his genitals.

Around the same time da Silva submitted his resignation, he also acknowledged that the man in the video is him. He also believes the video was leaked by someone “living with him.” The bishop added that he would be working with his attorney and the local police to rectify the matter.

Indian Ex-Muslims Finds Safe Haven and Belongingness Online

Online groups of India-based atheists have seen a rise in number in the past decade. In the last five years, the number of online communities made up of ex-Muslims from almost zero to a handful. These groups boast memberships of over 100 people, with one group's membership reaching 300 individuals.

100 members in an online community is a pretty low figure. That is, if you approach the figure from a perspective that does not include the possibility of life-threatening violence and social stigmatization. Being an ex-Muslim has its inherent problems.

Facebook Launches “I Prayed” Button & Other New “Prayer Services”

In 2017, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, in a "connecting the world" manifesto, stated that religion and religious communities are the things his company will focus on for "faith partnership." In December 2020, Facebook started rolling out its "I Prayed" button tool for Facebook groups in the United States.

Indian Police Raid Twitter For Flagging BJP Post As "Manipulated Media"

On May 24, 2021, the central government-supervised Delhi Police Special Cell raided Twitter India's Delhi and Gurgaon offices concerning the social media outlet tagging BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra's tweet on "congress toolkit" as "manipulated media". As social media platforms are under fire from the central government to hand over rights of policing content, the freedom of speech in India takes another hit as the government unleashes police force on Twitter for not favouring the ruling party on its platform.