Christian Harasses Women for Wearing Bikinis, Preaches at Them

A viral Tiktok video gaining more than 1 million views shows a man harassing women on a beach. The video, uploaded around September 5, by Mia, who goes by the Tiktok handle “@ggarbagefairy” offers a first-person point of view of someone being harassed for their choice of clothing.


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The video opens with a burst of laughter, followed by the man asking the girls, "why are you dressed this way?" The man added that they are wearing "a thong and a bra," accusing Mia and her friends of "wearing pornography." Multiple women can be heard trying to convince the man to leave them alone. Explaining that they were wearing bathing suits on a beach and tried convincing the man not to look at them if he thought they were bothersome to look at.

But the man's real motive was quickly revealed. He first tried peddling the idea of free will and freedom of speech and then took a very hard right-turn saying, "if men of God do not stand up, then our country (the US) will go down the drain." He capped his fundamentalist Christian tirade by insisting that there is no morality to the women exposing their bodies. 

When asked why he wasn't confronting shirtless men who were also on the beach, the man responded that "that's a lot different." 

In an attempt to salvage his credibility, the man in the video, now identified as Logan Dorn through his Tiktok handle loganvandorn, posted a video explaining his side of the story. In the video, Logan claims that he "just had a righteous anger" coming over him and that he had a "boldness by the holy spirit to confront the ladies… and to speak [the] truth." Logan also claimed that he was introduced to pornography at a young age, and it destroyed him.

Logan also sprinkled some transphobia in his video, claiming that people don't know what their gender is anymore. And that someone who started as a boy can become a girl, vice versa, and this reality jacks up society. And the ending pretty much wraps the whole idea of Logan's reason for harassing Mia and her friends, "only Jesus can satisfy."

His Tiktok video is no longer available on his page. However, it is part of this video compilation that covers the original video and the personal takes from each party presented in the video.

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