Religions should never be immune to criticism.

Religion Never Immune from Criticism

I don’t think anything will change until we actively challenge the things people take for granted...I see no reason why belief should be left unchallenged.

- Lizmari M. Collazo


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The things people take for

The things people take for granted are constantly challenged some people though are to blind to see it. Some even go as far as to say these challenges are test of their faith. Faith is blindness too, its a clear demonstration of inability to accept or see the world for what it is as our thoughts of what we would rather it be fog out the view.

When what people take for granted gets challenged or threatened some people of faith think "Oh, if we just pray harder and follow some advice written long ago when people did not have the capability to know better and things will get better!" but in fact this following this course of action is the best way to loose what you take for granted. When people do this, rather than actually doing something about the threat this is akin to leaving it in the hands of fate, a decision that can be a fatal decision for the things we take for granted.

To follow beliefs can actually make the situation threatening the things that we take for granted worse or increase the treat so in effect create a bigger threat. One thing these types of beliefs are threatening now is our ability to exist on this planet.

As we head into a population crisis religious people with their heads in the sand are still preaching for the faithful to go forth and multiply. They are even advocating against such things as abortion and contraceptives. As the world they take for granted they feel will eventually take at turn for the worse anyways, as is told in revelations and they believe their faith will carry them into a new kingdom of "God" if it was just their world they were taking for granted and threatening with their faith, I would say "Whatever, to each their own!" but this is our world their beliefs are threatening too.

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