Pole to Pulpit: Alaska Stripclub Becomes a Baptist Church

Fantasies on 5th, a strip club in Anchorage, Alaska, was plagued by wage issues and the Supreme Court of Alaska blocking its liquor permit renewal had to give way to a new establishment. In October 2020, amidst the global pandemic, the Open Door Baptist Church opened in the same building where the strip club used to be.

Ex-Muslims Call Out Facebook: New Hate Speech Policy or Blasphemy Law?

In a press release posted on the Ex-Muslims of North America's website, the group's director, Sarah Haider, responded to a letter from the Director of Content Policy Stakeholder Engagement for Facebook, Peter Stern. In her response, Haider explained how and why Facebook's new Content Policy is facilitating harm for marginalized groups such as atheists and other non-religious communities.

EU’s Top Court Bans Wearing the Hijab at Work?! It’s not that simple.

According to the EU’s top court ruling, companies in the European Union (EU) may now mandate that Muslim employees refrain from wearing a headscarf. Companies may only ban employees from wearing Islamic head coverings if required to project an image of neutrality to customers, the court said on Thursday.

Minnesota Bans Conversion Therapy for Minors, Angers Christian Group

On July 15, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz (US) signed an executive order that effectively bans the practice of conversion therapy to minors. A win for the LGBTQIA+ community in the state, and yet a divisive move in the politically mixed state. Many on the religious right-wing have expressed their outrage on the executive order with bad-faith arguments that go beyond the first amendment. 

UK’s Methodist Church Allows Same-Sex Marriage & Bans Conversion Therapy

In a sweeping 254 to 46 vote, the Methodist Church, the second-largest Christian church in the United Kingdom, has voted to allow same-sex marriage, defining marriage as “between two people.” The church also voted to ban “all and any form of conversion therapy in the same conference.

Churches Burn as Canada laments the discovery of unmarked Native graves

On the weekend of June 26, the St. Anne's Church in Upper Similkameen Indian Band was set on fire. This was one of the four incidents in the last month in which a catholic church was caught on fire in a First Nation territory in Canada. Made of wood and over a century old, the local fire department couldn't do anything to save the structure. 

Canada’s Indigenous to Meet Pope Francis amid Demand for Apology

Rome, Italy - Amidst escalating call for the Roman Catholic Church for an apology, the current pontiff has agreed to meet with representatives from Canada's indigenous people. Pope Francis is expected to meet the delegation of representatives in Rome. The meetings are scheduled from December 17 to 20, with the Pope meeting the representatives individually at first.

Catholic Bishops threaten Biden with communion ban over abortion stance

On June 17, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has pushed ahead a draft in a majority vote that would deny President Joe Biden the Holy Communion because of his stance on abortion laws. Approval of this new statement will authorize individual bishops to deny Catholic politicians, who support abortion, the sacred rite of the Eucharist. Never has tensions between church divisions and the legislation been prevalent since the Trump administration. This new step has further reinstated the debate on the church's interference in politics.