6 Ex-Muslim Christians Face Death Penalty for Conversion in Libya

Human rights activists say Libyan authorities arrested six Libyans last March for converting to Christianity and proselytizing. They said the Libyan Christians were accused of violating laws being used increasingly to stifle human rights organizations and civil societies.

Celebrity Church Accused of Wage Abuse & Forced Tithing

A prominent celebrity megachurch in Seattle, Washington, faces a lawsuit for allegedly forcing its employees to donate a portion of their wages back to the organization, or they risk being fired.

Christian Leader Blames Gay Sex, Abortion, & Porn for New Zealand Cyclone

A New Zealand church leader is under fire for suggesting that Cyclone Gabrielle, a storm that recently devastated New Zealand and parts of Australia, was caused by homosexuality and pornography.

Satanists Demand Equal Access to School Clubs in Lawsuit

A school district in Pennsylvania is threatened with being sued by an after-school Satanist club after allegedly refusing them access to school grounds for religious activities, a report from the Guardian has revealed.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) sent a letter to the Saucon Valley school district on behalf of the club, asking them to allow the After School Satan Club (ASSC) to access school facilities in line with the First Amendment of the US Constitution.