Mob Unleashes Hell Upon Christians Over Burnt Quran Pages in Pakistan

A Christian father and son were attacked by hundreds of enraged Muslims in eastern Pakistan over allegations that the son desecrated pages of the Quran, leaving their house as well as their shoemaking factory ransacked and burned.

The angry Muslim mob went on a rampage on May 25th when locals claimed they saw burnt pages of the Quran outside the two Christian men’s house and accused the son of being behind it. The mob then set their house and shoemaking factory on fire and attacked the son.

The incident occurred in the Mujahid Colony residential area in Sargodha in the province of Punjab, according to district police chief Assad Ijaz Malhi. Malhi also said authorities quickly responded and saved the lives of two men when the mob was beating up one of them.

Malhi also said the police quickly rescued the two wounded men and transported them to a hospital where they were in stable condition, adding that the situation is now under control. The officers are now investigating the allegations. Following multiple police raids, at least 100 men were arrested and charged with anti-terrorism charges while authorities are chasing others who may have been involved in the attack.

Residents and Punjab police said the blaze set by the mob incinerated the small factory and parts of the house. Authorities also said it enhanced church security and released details about the incident on May 27th.

The district police chief, accompanied by police officers, arrived at the Mujahid Colony and said, “The situation was highly volatile, with the mob demanding that the alleged blasphemer be handed over to them to face their wrath.

Punjab police also rescued 10 Christians who were surrounded by the mob and transported them to a safe location. Malhi said investigations are being conducted to determine the extent of the damage. He also added that the police dispersed the crowds when the incident happened, and authorities sought religious scholars' assistance to defuse tensions. The Punjab government also condemned the attack.

Blasphemy accusations are widespread in Pakistan, and even a simple accusation can lead to lynchings and killings. In August 2023, thousands of people set fire to churches and homes of Christians in Jaranwala, a district in Punjab province. At the time, Muslim residents also claimed they saw two Christian men desecrate the Quran.

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