12-Year-Old Pakistani Girl's Battle Against Forced Marriage Shocks Commu...

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) noted that one in five girls worldwide, or 650 million women, were forced to marry as children.

Despite efforts by institutions such as the United Nations to put an end to child and forced marriages (CFM), they are still prevalent in many parts of the world. In a remote province in Pakistan, a woman and her family are putting up a fight against an outdated and illegal tradition of forced marriage in their village that has haunted her for much of her life.

French Teachers Strike Over Safety After Muslim Backlash to Nude Art

Teachers at a school in a town near Paris went on strike amid fears for their lives after one of their colleagues sparked outrage over a 17th-century painting that she showed to Muslim students during class.

United by Love: Taiwan's Step Toward Equality With LGBT Adoption Rights

After making history as the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage, the self-ruling island of Taiwan made another milestone in LGBTQIA+ rights when it allowed LGBTQIA+ couples to jointly adopt a child neither of them are related to, marking another first in a region where gay rights are largely repressed or ignored.

Banning the Bible in Utah Schools: A Parent's Demand Sparks Outrage!

Almost three months after an unnamed parent from Utah submitted a book challenge to a school district last March requesting to remove the Bible from bookshelves in schools using a state law that prohibits “pornographic or indecent” materials in schools, the district responded by banning the religious book in elementary and middle school libraries.

Parents Try to Ban the Bible from School Shelves for "Indecent” Material

A parent in Utah challenged the Bible under a state law that bans “pornographic or indecent” material in schools, which had been used to remove books written by black and LGBTQIA+ authors from shelves.

Wyoming Republicans Seek to Kill Proposed Anti-Child Marriage Law

The Wyoming Republican Party is planning to stop a proposed bill that seeks to place a minimum age requirement for marriage from being passed into law, despite being sponsored by a Republican lawmaker.

The proposed bill plans to set the minimum age for marriage to 18 years old. Exceptions remain for 16 and 17-year-olds as long as they can obtain parental permission. Wyoming Republican and Representative Dan Zwonitzer proposed the measure.

Interfaith Leaders & Secularists Sue to Stop Missouri’s Abortion Ban

A group of 13 religious leaders from various denominations filed a lawsuit on January 19 in St.Louis, Missouri, challenging the state’s ban on abortion, arguing that lawmakers used their religious beliefs to pass the law and imposed those beliefs on others.

Islamic Leader Banned by UK Dept of Education for Homophobia & Misogyny

The decision of the United Kingdom's Department of Education to prohibit a Salafi activist from spreading his hateful teachings was welcomed by the National Secular Society (NSS). This ruling notes that several harmful sermons were published. This decision prevents the former faith school proprietor from managing private or state school teachings.