Bedroom Exorcism: Gay TikToker Reveal's Parents' Shocking Homophobia

A gay TikToker from the United States revealed that his parents once hired a preacher to supposedly exorcise demons from his bedroom and replace them with angels in an attempt to change his sexuality.

@andrewhartzler hi um ya obvi i was in the closet sir #comingout #college #exorcist original sound - andrew hartzler

25-year-old Andrew Hartzler from Kansas City, Missouri, revealed this through a Tiktok video he posted last June 1st. In his video, Hartzler explained that his parents hired the exorcist because they thought demons made him gay.

He placed hidden cameras on several corners of his room, and Hartzler caught the bizarre experience. Initially, he set up the cameras in his room because he was concerned about his parents going through his belongings while he was at school.

The footage Hartzler posted showed a man, which Hartzler identified as John Jacobs, going inside and around his room while holding a Bible and yelling at his clothes, closets, and other belongings.

Devil, you have no more place, you can never enter this room again,” Jacobs shouted at Hartzler’s t-shirts and vests. “I plead the blood of Christ over this closet, over every piece of clothing in here,” he continued screaming.

In a camera hidden in Hartzler’s wardrobe, Jacobs was heard claiming that angels replaced the demons in his closet. Another camera showed him pouring oil on his bed so that “every person that touches this bed shall be saved.

A woman was also heard off-camera saying that the other side of Hartzler’s room had seen “just as much shenanigans.”

Jacobs was known as the founder of The Power Team, a body-building Christian group that incorporates displays of strength into preaching.

The unusual experience was not the first time Hartzler’s parents attempted to change his homosexuality. He noted that his parents forced him to undergo years of conversion therapy until the end of high school after he came out to them as gay when he was 14.

In addition, Hartzler said his parents sent him to Christian Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where they thought he “wouldn’t be around any other gay people.” Instead, he met “a lot of kids with similar situations.

While Hartzler no longer has a relationship with his parents and that the exorcism happened several years, he posted the video on Tiktok because he felt that it was “really important for people to see that there are right-wing Christian fanatics” who believe that being gay “is something profoundly evil” that can be changed with such rituals, despite no strong evidence of such case.

Hartzler also said that he wasn’t surprised when his parents called Jacob, who said that “identity issues were a ‘demonic stronghold,’” a talking point that his father also used when describing his sexuality.

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