PK (2014)

PK Movie

PK is an Indian comedy drama film that tells the story of an alien, who lands on earth while on a research mission. After befriending a television journalist, the alien goes on to question religious dogmas and superstitions, widely prevalent in Indian society. The film, which serves as a religious satire, is one of those few works of art that has managed to garner appreciation from various quarters in India.

Starring the much talented Aamir Khan and young but driven Anushka Sharma in lead roles, this comedy of ideas revolves around very simple questions that nobody else has dared to ask before. Even though the queries posed by PK, the titular character in the film, are innocent and child-like, they surely hit a deep cord before bringing out catastrophic answers. The film also addresses the issue of the older generation repeatedly failing to trust the newer generation with values and inhibitions that they hold close to their heart.

The movie is likely to keep you on the edge of your seat, as PK cruises from scene to scene, making loyal friends and powerful foes, mending broken lives and angering the establishment. Ambitious and unique at the core, PK explores complex philosophies in such a simple way that it is bound to make you enjoy yourself.

As expected, pro-Hindu organizations in India went to the streets, protesting against certain scenes in the film that they believe were capable of hurting the sentiments of religious individuals. In fact, a public interest litigation was filed against PK as well. However, with some support from influential politicians and film personalities, the film did make it to the theatres, only to emerge as the highest-grossing Indian film of all time!

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