The Man Who Sued God (2001)

The Man Who Sued God

The Man Who Sued God is an Australian comedy film that has an interesting take on corporate frauds who make use of people’s blind faith to make their own profits. 

The film revolves around its titular character Steve Myers, played by Billy Connolly, who is a disillusioned lawyer because of the excessive amount of corruption in the judicial system. So, he decides to stop practicing law and starts a small fishing business instead. However, on an unfortunate day, his fishing boat is struck by lightning and destroyed. Thereafter, Myers approaches the insurance company, which goes on to deny him his dues, saying the loss of his fishing boat was an act of God

Frustrated with the situation, Myers files a claim against God and names church officials as His representatives. When church officials and their lawyers as well as their insurance companies start looking for ways to reach a settlement, the media decides to intervene. Consequently, it is in court that church officials are expected to accept responsibility for Myer’s loss and reimburse him or deny it altogether and thereby dispel God’s existence.

What follows this chaos and how that affects Myer’s family is what the film explores hereafter. Also, it takes viewers through Myers coming to terms with the ways in which insurance companies mislead clients by using phrases like Act of God.

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