Scared of demons??

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Scared of demons??

Scared of demons??
Okiedokie, well I was raised in a very religious family and I am a closeted atheist. As a young kiddo I believed in Christianity due to the heavy indoctrination however I find myself facing some anxiety that doesn't make sense to me . I am afraid of demons. I know they don't exist but sometimes I will have this anxiety type thing at night for 15 minutes about demons and it takes some serious reassurance to myself that there is no such thing. As kid I believed what ever I was brought up to believe with the whole"mummy was right about the oven being hot thus she must be right about there being demons" thing. Can somebody help me get over this irrational fear?

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Put an elastic band round your wrist. Everytime you start to think about 'demons' ping the band hard and say out loud "There are no fucking demons. Mum, you were/are an idiot"

Guaranteed it wont take long before you just ping the band then one will just sleep through. Self conditioning behaviour really works!

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according to religious people

according to religious people we HEATHENS are demons so I feel comfortable with demons so as an Atheist you also don't have to afraid of them cause you are also a part of us now :D
I like Imagine Dragons Demons song

Note: always remember if your mum is not right about god then how can she be right about demons.

This comment is edited 4 Times 1st for adding that smiley 2nd for adding my favorite songs name 3rd for adding that note and 4th for adding this information about edits.

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you overcome it when you grow

you overcome it when you grow old..catania..

it'll all pass by as you go on maturity
i use to be frightened by darkness, pitch black rooms..

as i grew, come to think of it and faced my fear. i wasn't really afraid of the darkness, i'm actually scared of whats in that bitch black darkness..
and figured out that there's nothing to be afraid of..its only all in my head..

now i'm much more scared of my future mother-in-law..fuck!

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Information is the bane of

Information is the bane of all silly beliefs. What is the evolution of Satan? How did Satan become a demon? Having no idea at all as to which demon you are referring to if you just do a bit of a search you can find where they came from and how they became evil. Pan for example was the horned god of the forest and in Roman mythology if a child behaved badly the horned god of the forest (Worshiped by the "Heathen" (people who lived in the heaths / hills) would come from the hills and snatch them away in the night.

Things that go bump in the night vanish in the light of reason. Pick your demon and discover its origins, it will fade away.

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I think the observation that

I think the observation that humans are capable of real harm whereas demons never seem to be there is helpful to bear in mind.

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Seek counseling!

Seek counseling!

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Nothing scarier than a

Nothing scarier than a predator that can invade your body and turn it to it's own purposes. Which is why I am a advocate of vaccination and hand washing!

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Catania I suggest you apply

Catania I suggest you apply the same logic that does not prove a god to these imaginary demons.

Is there any proof of demons you are aware of? I mean not just anecdotes, but real, verifiable evidence?

Just because your mummy was right about the hot stove, that just means she was right about the stove. Einstein was right about a lot of stuff, but he missed the mark on other parts. Newton was a freaking genius and was a master in many disciplines. But his model of the universe left many holes, he was not perfect.

Just because a Spiderman movie may encompass a real city, buildings and bridges, that does not prove Spiderman is real.

Dogs have legs.
Cats have legs.
Horses have legs.
People have legs.
Snakes have legs.

I just made 5 statements. The first four were correct. So does that guarantee that my last assertion was correct?

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