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The guy seems to be on

The guy seems to be on autopilot.

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He's lost the plot with this

He's lost the plot with this business of calling that diver who planned the rescue of those boys in Thailand, a "child rapist". Looks like an expensive lawsuit is on the cards. All seems very bizarre to be honest.

Vernon Unsworth, the diver Musk has accused in a series of emails and tweets, has stated he plans to sue Musk in three countries, including Thailand, where Musk could face prison time, according to one article.

I'm surprised the share price has fallen.

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For anyone interested: Tesla

For anyone interested: Tesla is scheduled to release its first quarter financials later today; might give a better window into what is happening.

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Well I cashed out the other

Well I cashed out the other half at an even better rate today. I'm still super skeptical (given Musk's robotaxis plan with I think is bullshit) and I suppose I should have held them, but I'm too emotional when it comes to taking chances with my money; it's why I don't play poker.

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The equities/stock market is

The equities/stock market is one giant gambling machine. Just; if you do a wide spread and go long, the odds are actually in your favor to make a buck, as opposed to most traditional gambling where the odds are always in favor of the "house."

Although I do worry capitalism, (esp. in the US,) is nearing its end game based on current policy from Washington DC. And economic forces out of DC's control. Things like: dwindling resources in the face of ever larger populations and as more people leave poverty and start buying more things putting further strain on the dwindling resources.


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