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Useful Links

Forum posting helpful links:

Atheist Republic's Compose tips: (How to do quoting, bold, and create labeled links, plus a few other less useful things.)

Nylarathotep's Useful Forum Tips: (How to better search forums, send a private message (pm), and finding new post in a large thread.)

My thread on forum posting tools: (some copy and pastable fancy text, lines, and boxes.) - check replies as well. This post currently resides in atheist hub, if anyone is interested that does not have access to atheist hub I can create a new (better!) one in site support forums.

How to enable spell checker for your browser: (outside link!, If privacy/security is very important do not use this!)

Atheist Discussion:

Why There Is No God: Quick Responses to 10 Common Theist Arguments. By Armin Navabi


More to be added, feel free to reply with your own suggested links.

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Thanks for doing this, Logic!

Thanks for doing this, Logic!

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Thanks. rmfr



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@CyberLN & arakish

@CyberLN & arakish

Your welcome, I also created it as it is part of my signature. I plan to add to and update it every so often. Again if anyone has any suggestions of things to add I would like to grow the list.



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Thanks for the tips. Is there a listing of members? I think I might have posted here years ago when it first started out, though I don't remember my name or password. I do remember @Zaphod.

I found it. I knew I had posted a response to something Christopher Hitchens said in the Gallery.

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No, there is not an available

No, there is not an available list of posters. If you want to know if you posted here in years passed, you will have to scroll back through the postings.

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Logic, you rock. Thanks so

Logic, you rock. Thanks so much. Exactly what I needed. YOU ROCK!!

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I'm new here. Seems like the

I'm new here. Seems like the nice place to say it all,

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