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@ Ratty

@ Ratty

Hot Pocket

Sounds like one of this practical jokes they have started serving at breakfast...had one a few years ago after sticking in the toaster at the motel we had been booked in...burnt the fuck out of my mouth and filled my body with strange and unpleasant chemicals for the people actually go to work after ingesting that shit?

Now they have designed the same nasty chemical laden shite into bacon flavored and "cheese" (flavoured dairy fat) and marketed it as a dinner or lunch fucking substitute? Fuck me guys are so far gone.......

But hell, what do I expect from a Rat and an aluminium human substitute...

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Well fuck, Old Man. Would you

Well fuck, Old Man. Would you rather like some “head cheese” from my “private stock” in my “deep freezer”?

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@Tin Man

@Tin Man

Can’t argue with that. Just do me one favour. Get it on video? I’d like to watch it if and when I come out of the coma.

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Morality is the ability to

Morality is the ability to recognise the difference between right and wrong behaviours. All animals that have evolved to live in societal groups are capable of this. Humans have also evolved intellects that along with vocal chords, and the ability to write, have enabled us to communicate complex reasoning and ideas. Thus our morality has and is evolving as we dedicate more time and energy into considering why we believe some behaviours wrong or immoral.

The idea that a behaviour pleases or displeases a completely unevidenced deity is a complete waste of time, as it produces no tangible benefit to humans living in post industrialised democracies in the 21st century.

Rather our morality must address general well being of all humans, and to a lesser extent the well being of all conscious animals. Thus my morality is driven by the desire not to cause unnecessary suffering, and to eliminate suffering wherever possible.

Trying to please fictional deities quite obviously doesn't help achieve this goal at often has been shown to have the opposite effect, based as it is on the "moral" perception of bigoted and misogynistic bronze age patriarchal Bedouin tribes. Or cobbled together centuries later from contradictory ideas.

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“Morality” is a completely provisional concept. “Ethics” comes closer to day-to-day choices over the “utility” of an action (I.e. will it benefit me/my kith and kin - or won’t it). Right and wrong; good and bad - these are preposterous illusions of speech.

Regarding the Supreme Beings ethics - they are incontestable. Not absolute or even “right” - simply, one cannot argue with Him when he’s passed judgment on you (visibly or invisibly - in this life or in the life to come).

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@Rat Spit Re: "Regarding the

@Rat Spit Re: "Regarding the Supreme Beings ethics - they are incontestable. Not absolute or even “right” - simply, one cannot argue with Him when he’s passed judgment on you..."

Oh, not true! I can definitely argue with Him. Granted, may not do me any good one way or the other, but I will most certainly argue. Just my nature... Unless, of course, He happens to be right. In which case I will likely just do a bunch of bitching and mumbling to myself.


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