Free Soheil Campaign Declaration

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It does not matter how and through which organisations we have gathered here. It does not even matter what our individual beliefs are.

Our audience is not even the Iranian government, as we do not recognise the Islamic regime of Iran for being an illicit terrorist dictatorship.

The one and only reason that has brought us here is to address governments all-over the world, to use their power and influence to save an innocent human being.  One who has been illegally jailed and tortured to death by the Iranian regime for simply posting his opinion on Facebook.

We demand that all democratic governments who are one way or an other supporting the Iranian government, to stop doing so.  This regime has literally taken the people of a country as hostage, and tortures or issues capital punishment for expressing their opinions.

The question is why? Has anybody been executed in your country for a Facebook post? Has anybody been tortured for such a “crime”? Then why are you silent?

Why is there is no international consensus to condemn the trampelling of basic human rights, and force the Islamic republic to stop this imprisonment and  torture, and to give the people their basic right of freedom of speech?

Do you know Soheil Arabi? Do you know his “Crime”? Do you know why he has been sentenced to death (a sentence that was decreased to 12 years jail on appeal), and why he is now in jail enduring torture?

Soheil is dying only for a Facebook post.

Please return Soheil to his young daughter, by putting pressure on the Iranian regime, and by stopping support for the Iranian regime in the international arena.

We have seen this before, please don’t let what happened to others, also happen to Soheil. 

Mohsen Amir Aslani, the father of a two-year-old child was executed for doubting the survival of Prophet Jonah in the stomach of a whale.

Alireza Shir-Moahammadi, another atheist, was killed in prison with 30 knife stabs under the watch of the prison guards.

Sattar Beheshti, a web-logger, was killed under the torture of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

If you claim that you respect human rights, the people of the Middle East, Iranians included, are also humans, and should have these same basic human rights!

We demand Soheil’s freedom from you.