International "Draw Muhammad Day" Atheist Republic Contest

Atheist Republic is going to hold an international "Draw Muhammad Day" contest. The goal is to be outrageously creative and make a strong statement with your piece.

If we can get at least 25 serious entries, the winner will get an Atheist Republic shirt and the winning image will be used in an official Atheist Republic meme, designed by our amazing graphic design team. The meme will be translated into Arabic and possibly all of our other languages as well.

Contest Rules

  • No submission of old pieces
  • You can't submit or copy someone else's work.
  • No collaboration with another artist. Each entry needs one creator.
  • No racism, hatred or bigotry.
  • No gratuitous violence
  • Only one (1) submission per person will be accepted.

Atheist Republic reserves the right to disqualify any piece under extreme circumstances. We are the judges of what is racist, hateful, bigoted, or gratuitously violent. Please contact us if you have any questions

There will be two (2) contest winners, one (1) first place winner and one (1) runner up. The runner up will have a meme made of their work.

If you are interested in joining the contest, please fill up the fields and attach a copy of your work on the form below.

Draw Muhammad Day

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Note: By submitting your piece, you're giving Atheist Republic the right to use/distribute your work/entry. The Contest will close on June 20th, 2015. The winners of the contest will be announced on July 1st, 2015 on this page as well as on our social media pages.

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