Atheist Republic Legal Referral Program

In addition to feeling isolated, atheists, agnostics, and other skeptics may often feel they do not enjoy full legal protection. We desire to connect atheists (in the U.S. and Canada for the time being) with lawyers who may be able to help them. Atheist Republic does not provide legal assistance nor does it represent any lawyer listed here.

This is a simply a resource tool. All lawyers who take on issues/cases, do so pro bono and at their own discretion. Lawyers interested in this referral program are encouraged to volunteer by completing an Atheist Republic legal volunteer form.

Contact Information
Kindly provide at least one (1) preferred contact method below and ensure that these contacts offer you the most security/privacy.
Case Information
  • Atheist Republic does not provide legal services nor does it employ the lawyers volunteering for this program.
  • All lawyers are pro bono volunteers who take on issues or legal cases at their discretion (not AR's)
  • If you require immediate legal representation, it is recommended that you contact your local bar association or similar organization.


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